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Old 01-14-2008
K shell with Oracle


I am getting values from oracle database and splitting with "|".
When i loop thru the $OUTPUT i am getting so many new line characters.

Please help me why i am getting so many line and how to get rid of the same.

below is the code i am using.

OUTPUT=`sqlplus -s <<-!
whenever sqlerror exit failure
set pages 0 feed off echo off
select SEQNO,'|',MESSAGE_ID,'|'
from triton.cims_msg_out;

let count=0
for variable in $OUTPUT
echo "variable ======= $variable"
#file=$(echo $variable | awk '{FS = "." } {print $1}')
#ext=$(echo $variable | awk '{FS = "." } {print $2}')

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DBIx::SearchBuilder::Handle::Oracle(3pm)		User Contributed Perl Documentation		  DBIx::SearchBuilder::Handle::Oracle(3pm)

DBIx::SearchBuilder::Handle::Oracle - An oracle specific Handle object SYNOPSIS
This module provides a subclass of DBIx::SearchBuilder::Handle that compensates for some of the idiosyncrasies of Oracle. METHODS
Connect PARAMHASH: Driver, Database, Host, User, Password Takes a paramhash and connects to your DBI datasource. BuildDSN Customized version of "BuildDSN" in DBIx::SearchBuilder::Handle method. Takes additional argument SID. Database argument used unless SID provided. Two forms of DSN are generated depending on whether Host defined or not: dbi:Oracle:sid=<SID>;host=...[;port=...] dbi:Oracle:<SID> Read details in documentation for DBD::Oracle module. Insert Takes a table name as the first argument and assumes that the rest of the arguments are an array of key-value pairs to be inserted. InsertFromSelect Customization of "InsertFromSelect" in DBIx::SearchBuilder::Handle. Unlike other DBs Oracle needs: o id generated from sequences for every new record. o query wrapping in parens. NOTE that on Oracle there is a limitation on the query. Every column in the result should have unique name or alias, for example the following query would generate "ORA-00918: column ambiguously defined" error: SELECT g.id, u.id FROM ... Solve with aliases: SELECT g.id AS group_id, u.id AS user_id FROM ... KnowsBLOBs Returns 1 if the current database supports inserts of BLOBs automatically. Returns undef if the current database must be informed of BLOBs for inserts. BLOBParams FIELD_NAME FIELD_TYPE Returns a hash ref for the bind_param call to identify BLOB types used by the current database for a particular column type. The current Oracle implementation only supports ORA_CLOB types(112). ApplyLimits STATEMENTREF ROWS_PER_PAGE FIRST_ROW takes an SQL SELECT statement and massages it to return ROWS_PER_PAGE starting with FIRST_ROW; DistinctQuery STATEMENTREF takes an incomplete SQL SELECT statement and massages it to return a DISTINCT result set. BinarySafeBLOBs Return undef, as Oracle doesn't support binary-safe CLOBS DatabaseVersion Returns value of ORA_OCI constant, see "Constants" in DBI. SimpleDateTimeFunctions Returns hash reference with specific date time functions of this database for "DateTimeFunction" in DBIx::SearchBuilder::Handle. ConvertTimezoneFunction Custom implementation of "ConvertTimezoneFunction" in DBIx::SearchBuilder::Handle. Use the following query to get list of timezones: SELECT tzname FROM v$timezone_names; Read Oracle's docs about timezone files: http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/B14117_01/server.101/b10749/ch4datetime.htm#i1006667 AUTHOR
Jesse Vincent, jesse@fsck.com SEE ALSO
perl(1), DBIx::SearchBuilder perl v5.14.2 2011-09-21 DBIx::SearchBuilder::Handle::Oracle(3pm)