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Old 01-11-2008
undefined error


following is a simple shell script,

echo $u
string="cp c2960-lanbase-mz /tftpboot/$u/c2960-lanbase-mz"
string2="cp c2960-lanlite-mz /tftpboot/$u/c2960-lanlite-mz"

if [ grep --quiet $string $output ] && [ grep --quiet $string2 $output ]
echo c2960-lanbase-mz >> /users/$u/success.txt
echo c2960-lanlite-mz >> /users/$u/success.txt
echo c2960-lanbase-mz >> /users/$u/failure.txt
echo c2960-lanlite-mz >> /users/$u/failure.txt



when execute I am getting following error

u=amvarma: Command not found.
u: Undefined variable.

Please let me know


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Old 01-11-2008
You forgot to quote the string on this line:


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