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tcl: regexp matching special character

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Old 01-09-2008
tcl: regexp matching special character

Hello Experts,

Can someone help me here:

I have a variable which contains a string with "[]".

set var1 {a[1]}
set str1 {a[1] is the element i want to match}

Now "regexp $var1 $str1" does not work?
("regexp {a\[1\]} $str1" works, but var1 gets it's value automatically from another script)

Is there a way to make it work?
(adding backslash "\" to var1 might not be feasible)
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Old 01-09-2008
% regexp {[$var1]} $str1

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Old 01-09-2008
doesn't look right to me

Can you explain 'How it works?'?

It doesn't seem right to me.

% set var1 {a[1]}
% set str1 {a[1] is the element i want to match}
a[1] is the element i want to match
% regexp $var1 $str1
% regexp {[$var1]} $str1
% set var1 {a[10]}
% regexp {[$var1]} $str1
% set var1 {a[9080]}
% regexp {[$var1]} $str1
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Old 01-09-2008
If you want a substring exact match that doesn't really rely on regexp syntax look at string match instead, but ymmv. I'm having trouble obtaining a sane result.You can always brute force the search..something like.

proc paramSearch {pattern str} {
set t [string length $pattern]
                for {set i 0} {$i < [string length $str]} {incr i $t} {
                    if {[string compare $pattern [string range $str $i [expr $i + [ expr $t - 1]]]] == 0} {return 1; #puts "Match at string index: $i"}
                    #puts "Compared $pattern and [string range $str $i [expr $i + [ expr $t - 1]]]"
() 92 % set vv
() 93 % set pat
() 94 % paramSearch $pat $vv

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Old 01-09-2008
Off by one...
proc paramSearch {pattern str} {
set t [expr [string length $pattern] - 1]
                for {set i 0} {$i < [string length $str]} {incr i $t} {
                    if {[string compare $pattern [string range $str $i [expr $i + $t]]] == 0} {return 1; #puts "Match at string index: $i"}
                    #puts "Compared $pattern and [string range $str $i [expr $i + $t]]"

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Old 01-09-2008
i would rather use lsearch

i was trying to understand if (and how) that can be done with 'regexp'?


lsearch -exact $str1 $var1

does the job pretty well.

% set var1 {a[1]}
% set var2 {aa[1]}
% set var3 {a[11]}
% set str1 {a[1] is the element we are looking for and not aa[1] or a[11]}
a[1] is the element we are looking for and not aa[1] or a[11]

% lsearch -exact $str1 $var1
% lsearch -exact $str1 $var2
% lsearch -exact $str1 $var3
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Old 01-09-2008
I can't make the regexp code behave as anticipated, thus the workaround.
Worse, the string match code seems fundamentally unhappy with brackets.

I'd approach comp.lang.tcl with this issue and/or check out the tclers wiki and
see if any articles are on point. The Tcler's Wiki
The lsearch idea is a okay but forces an abstraction from one
implicit type to another without solving the underlying problem and
possibly causing others...

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