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Old 02-28-2002
Reading from a file

I am having problem reading from a file, I have tried using sed to no avail, the issue has to do with this, I check for a particular process and send the output to a file, but I can not seem to figure out how to open the file.

In the file are three proces ID, and I need to kill those processes, can anyone help please?

The real question is how can I use kill to kill the process IDs that are in the output file?
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Old 02-28-2002
awk can locate the proper lines in your file, then issue a unix command. In the following, it is looking for lines where word1 of the line contains string xyz, then it is echoing word2 for those lines. You would need to change your search criteria, and change $2 to whichever word the PID is (or the PID could be located by other means). Once you get the echo working right, you can change echo to kill -9 or whatever.

awk '$1~"xyz" {system("echo " $2)}' myfile

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Old 03-01-2002
In this situation, you should be able to simply type:

kill -15 `cat file_name`

Notice that those are backticks, not single-quotes...
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