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Old 01-02-2008
Convert ip address to ip number

I want to make a script to read a list of ip addresses from a file then convert those ip addresses to ip number.

ip number is made by removing the dots then transfer to a number , so the ip number transfered to binary then to decimal which will represents the ip number 0 : 4294967295

Also I want to make the reverse operation to transfer from ip number to real ip with dots.

This is all to make a script to search for each ip in which country
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Old 01-02-2008
For example ip address will be represented as 00000001000000010000000100000010 and after transfer to decimal will be 16843010

I made the following script it may help, but it doesn't work fine

my (@octets,$octet,$ip_number,$number_convert,$ip_address);
$ip_address = $ARGV[0];
chomp ($ip_address);
@octets = split(/./, $ip_address);
$ip_number = 0;
foreach $octet (@octets)
$ip_number <<= 8;
$ip_number |= $octet;
print "The IP Address $ip_address converts to the IP Number $ip_number \n";
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Old 01-02-2008
please skip this comments

never mind, by the time I requested it, you already posted it.
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Old 01-02-2008
Thanks for your care.

Let me explain first on one ip.

suppose the ip, this ip can be transfered to binary as follow to be 00001010.00001011.00001111.11001000 then to erase the dots to be 00001010000010110000111111001000 then to transfer to decimal to be 168497096

then if I made the reverse process it will give the same ip, by transfer the decimal to binary then put a dot after each 8 digits then convert each 8 binary digits to decimal

The file shape as follow:

Also I want to make another script to make the reverse process, example: entering the ip number list and get the ip addresses

The final script I want to make is to determine what is the location of each ip, so after this script I will try to get all database of (afriNIC-ARIN) then have a database of each ip number in which country

Thanks in advance
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Old 01-02-2008
Could any one send help me please in this script?
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Old 01-02-2008
IP to Counrty : PHP & mySQL


i was looking around to convert to a number, something that all IP to Counry Databse left out, and stumbled upon your post.
i have some information that may be of help to you.

i have done a module do to what you are trying to do however it is for a particular CMS and in PHP language. You may wish to decode it into whatever language to you. In doing so, i went through the net looking for resources and here is one i found to be reliable and free. | 'Cause every I.P has a Home...

Here are the relevant info...

1. There is a free IP to Country Database HERE. This is the dB i am using and is adequate as i want something simple and non commercial.

2.Converting IP address is done as shown HERE. Your method maybe a little long, so you may wish to check out this recommended one. There are also several other easier and more efficient ways posted by others on the thread i gave above. Take your pick.

3. World Flags.
I found the flags by w to be the best, but you have many to choose from.

The FLAGS are all listed and downloadable HERE

The PHP example below is taken from the same website, where all the above info comes from. Note however, that IP to Number conversion is done using the mySQL "inet_aton" function which does the conversion, so if you use mySQL, you do not need to convert the IP, which is very convenient.

PHP Code:

    // Sample code to display Visitor Country information 
    // PHP 4 

    // Establishing a database connection

    // Query for getting visitor countrycode
    $country_query  = "SELECT country_code2,country_name FROM iptoc ".
         "WHERE IP_FROM<=inet_aton('$REMOTE_ADDR') ".
          "AND IP_TO>=inet_aton('$REMOTE_ADDR') ";

    // Executing above query
    $country_exec = mysql_query($country_query);

    // Fetching the record set into an array

    // getting the country code from the array

    // getting the country name from the array

   // Display the Visitor coountry information
   echo "$country_code - $country_name";

   // Closing the database connection

This PHP is of course using the free database provided on the website, but note that this example program is a little off because the database have been updated and the field names are no longer in existence. However, the example serves as a good example.

Hope this helps. Smilie
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Old 01-03-2008
From the command line:
$ip_address = $ARGV[0];

@octets = split(/\./, $ip_address);
$DEC = ($octets[0]*1<<24)+($octets[1]*1<<16)+($octets[2]*1<<8)+($octets[3]);

print "The IP Address $ip_address converts to decimal $DEC\n"

~/code/iptodec $ ./
The IP Address converts to decimal 16843009

From a file:
open(FILE, "IPs");
while (<FILE>) {
chomp($ip_address = $_);

@octets = split(/\./, $ip_address);
$DEC = ($octets[0]*1<<24)+($octets[1]*1<<16)+($octets[2]*1<<8)+($octets[3]);

print "The IP Address $ip_address converts to decimal $DEC\n"

n@p ~/code/iptodec $ cat IPs
n@p ~/code/iptodec $ ./
The IP Address converts to decimal 16843009
The IP Address converts to decimal 1681014839
The IP Address converts to decimal 1666267224
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