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Old 02-23-2002
unloading sql query to file

unload to

I wish to use a date variable as in
unload to
"/usr/home/data.`date`" for the file
is that possible in a query to do, or will i need to add a mv command after the query to do it.
I tried backquotes, [ ], and () on `date` but didn't seem to work

Thanks in advance for your help
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Old 02-23-2002
Have you tried using the mv statement after it's sent to file? If it works for you, then that might just be the (at least) a temporary fix... Can you post the relevant portions of the code?
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Old 02-23-2002
It is a question of convenience, on automating similar queries.
looks like the renaming of file after it is send, will have to do for now. until we figure something out.

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