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Old 12-24-2007
create function with awk

hi all,

i print four variable delimited by comma with awk :

awk -F "," '{print $1;$2;$3;$4}'
if $3=""
code ...
i want to extract this information from another file using another awk using the $1 printed

awk -v

but the problem i can't use two awk in the same code in shell script.

how can i create a function using the second awk and after that call it in the first awk traitement.

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Old 12-24-2007
sample files, pls - and the desired result based on the samples.
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Old 12-24-2007
As mentioned an idea of what you are doing and have done would help. This example may help you in any case. It's a useless exercise but demonstrates what you *may* be wanting in principle. Tested only for gawk.
function getlines_from(fname,arr,p,fldlimit ,i) {

        while ( (getline < fname) > 0) {
                 for (i=0 ; i <= fldlimit ; i++) {
                      if (i == 0) {arr[p++] = " Next record group for working file " fname; i++}
                      arr[p++] = $i
return p


       for (x=1 ; x < ARGC ; x++) {
           f = getlines_from(ARGV[x],record,g,6)
           g = f
       #for (f=1 ; f < g ; f++) {print f,record[f]}

  for (j=1 ; j <= 6 ; j++) {
       for (ab in record)
            if (record[ab] == $j) {printf "Match at %s, with indice %d for field $%d\n",record[ab],ab,j}  

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