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Old 12-18-2007
escape chracters


how to echo \\ in unix

ie echo the path


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Old 12-18-2007
echo '\\' is good enough. If you have dir1, dir2 et al as variables, do this

echo ${dir1}'\\'${dir2}'\\'${dir3}

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Old 12-18-2007
i need \\ at the beginning of the path

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Old 12-18-2007
echo "\\\\\\"

echo '\\\'

and then the rest..
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Old 12-18-2007
how to display echo "\\\\\rxfile01"

as \\rxfile01
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Old 12-18-2007
echo '\\\\rxfile01'

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Old 12-18-2007
i am pretty confused with the question
if you want to echo \\rx.txt without using any escape sequence

echo '\\rx.txt'

If u want to use esacpe sequence

echo "\\\\rx.txt"

Rakesh UV
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