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Old 12-14-2007
Bug Parse String in XML file

Hello All,

I am new to this and I need to parse an XML file.

Here's the XML Input File:
<Report version="1.2">
<summary fatals="0" testcases="1" expected_fails="0" unexpected_passes="0" warnings="9" tests="21" errors="0" fails="1" passes="20" />
<testresult line="../shared/scripts/addElement.js:573" message="Add Network Element [ Tampines ] successfully created" result="PASS" time="2007-12-13T16:23:47" />
</Report version>

The expected output should be:

summary fatals=0 testcases=1 expected_fails=0 unexpected_passes=0 warnings=9 tests=21 errors=0 fails=1 passes=20

Add Network Element [ Tampines ] successfully created -- PASS

Can you help me with the script to have the output?

Thanks in advance.
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Old 12-14-2007
take a look at this little script I wrote to parse your basic sqlplus login string

input should be in the format user/pass@inst

## login string parser

echo "Input your login string:"
read string

echo "\nYou entered: $string"
export SRC_USERPASS=${string%%@*}
export SRC_INST=${string##*@}

## echo "USER and PASS: $SRC_USERPASS"
echo $SRC_USERPASS | grep /
if [ $? = 0 ]
	echo "There is a password"
	export SRC_PASS=${SRC_USERPASS##*/}
	echo "USER only: $SRC_USER"
	echo "PASS only: $SRC_PASS"
	echo "INST: $SRC_INST"
	echo "There is NO password"
	echo "You will be prompted for a password during execution"
	echo "USER only: $SRC_USER"
	echo "PASS only: $SRC_PASS"
	echo "INST: $SRC_INST"

hopefully this gets you started, but your parsing will be a bit more complex.

I suggest doing it line by line, then argument by argument.
something like supply the script your xml file, then grep it for the entire summary line. then parse that string for each variable (fatals, testcases, ...) (you will lbe ooking for whatever comes after fatals=" and then before the next ")
then grep the testresults line for the message and result variable.

Let us know how far you get.
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Old 12-16-2007
Parse String in XML file


Has anyone got an idea how can I parse the above XML file by using shell script or perl?

Thanks in advance to all who will reply.

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Old 12-16-2007


Please try this one:
cat filename | sed  's/<Report.*$/report/' | sed 's/<summary//' | sed 's/\/>//' | sed 's/"//g' | sed 's/<testresult.*message=//'| sed 's/result=.*$//' | sed 's/<\/Report version>//'

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Old 12-19-2007
Hi Summer Cherry,

I tried your suggestion and it worked..
Thanks a lot for your help.

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