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Old 03-09-2009
nawk --enable-switch

I ran into the same issue, and I found about this switch >--enable-switch< but does not seem to work Smilie

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nawk --enable-switch -f program.awk some_file
I'm using Sun Solaris 5.9 and i'm not sure what version of nawk or awk I have

Did anyone figure out how to enable the use of switch/case consturcts in awk/nawk?

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Old 03-09-2009
if you look through the earlier posts in this thread, you'll see that '--enable-switch' is supported by gawk 3.1.3++.
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Old 03-09-2009
Originally Posted by Nomaad

Did anyone figure out how to enable the use of switch/case consturcts in awk/nawk?

if your version doesn't have it, just use if/else. switch and if/else does the same thing.
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