How to extract elements in a field using a number

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Old 12-13-2007
Hi porter,

The formula is supposed to be ($j)/($i+$j) not the other way round.Anyway, I still cant get the calculation to float which in debug mode it gives

++ echo '(6.00000)/(5.00000' '+6.00000)'

which output value q=0 rather than float.

My code is:-
q=` echo \($j.00000\)\/\($i.00000 +$j.00000\)|bc`

Please advise. Thanks.

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Old 12-13-2007
$ i=5
$ j=6
$ k=`echo $i $j |awk '{printf("%f",($2/($1+$2)))}'`
$ echo $k

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Old 12-13-2007

echo scale=4\; $j + \( $j + $i \) | bc

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Old 12-13-2007
Hi porter,

I tried before on scaling method and i do not know how to turnaround especially in my scenario.

Thanks. I managed to use rikxik formula and it is working. The reason is because i am actually parsing the whole echo to a variable rather than echo alone.

However, on the other note, I still havent resolve the grep problem where it still return me any value which is matching the number rather than exact number (grep -n number$ filename).Still finding what character I missed out to isolate the "$" so that the number is uniquely grabbed from the file.

If you have any idea, let me know.

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