Encrypt and Decrypt script

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Encrypt and Decrypt script

Dear Experts,

I am using one script name :volume.sh and its written in bash shell script.
I just want to encrypt the script so that any one else cannot see it.
please tell me the commands how to encrypt the script as well as to decrypt it.

# 2  
Are other people supposed to be able to run it while it's encrypted, if so how is the interpretor going to understand the file?
# 3  
Yes i want that the other people can also run the encrypted script .
But i dont want to show them the code is there is any way out.
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Out of interest, why?

Is this security through obscurity?

If the interpretor can decode the script to run it, why can't a person?

Start the file as follows

cat >/dev/null <<EOF
tons of rubbish

then follow that with the working parts all on a single line using the ";" separator.
# 5  
Dear Sir ,

I am totally lost what you have mentioned . I mean i didnt understand the technique to encryt and to run the shell script.

# 6  
An obscure script....

cat >/dev/null <<EOF


first() { echo $1 }; second() { echo $2 }; third() { echo $3 }; ps -ef -o "pid etime comm" | while read PID ETIME COMM; do case "$ETIME" in; *:* ) DAYS=0; HOURS=0; MINUTES=0; SECONDS=0; case "$ETIME" in; *-* ) X=`echo $ETIME | sed y/-/\ /`; DAYS=`first $X`; ETIME=`second $X`; ;; * ) ;; esac; X=`echo $ETIME | sed y/:/\ /`; case "$ETIME" in; *:*:* ) HOURS=`first $X`; MINUTES=`second $X`; SECONDS=`third $X`; ;; *:* ) MINUTES=`first $X`; SECONDS=`second $X` ;; *) ;; esac; HOURS=`echo $HOURS + \( $DAYS \* 24 \) | bc`; MINUTES=`echo $MINUTES + \( 60 \* $HOURS \) | bc`; SECONDS=`echo $SECONDS + \( 60 \* $MINUTES \) | bc`; if test "$SECONDS" -gt "3600"; then echo $PID $COMM; fi ;; * ) ;;esac;done

# 7  
How about
#vi -C somefile

It will ask u for a password while creating it and later while opening it.
Although the encryption might not be strong enough. Please read man vi
for the options.
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