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Old 12-10-2007
Java Extract Pattern Sequence

Dear Collegues
I have to extract Some pattern from raw text file using perl

The input will be raw text.
Pattern to get - Sequence of Capital Letter Words ( e.g. he is working in Center for Perl Studies. He will come tomorrow...) from thos I have to extract sequences like "Center for Perl Studies " and "C.P.S".

Any logic to impliment it in perl

Jaganadh G
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Old 12-10-2007
Define sequence. You left "He" out of processing. Do you require 2,3,4...? items to be capitalized?
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Old 12-10-2007
sequence : any sequence of Cpital letter e.g name of companies etc and abbriviations.
I have to extract Name of Companies and Abbriviations from a text using perl

Jaganadh G
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Old 12-10-2007
It is a very non-trivial problem,
for example:

billym.>X="he is working in Center for Perl Studies. He will come tomorr>
billym.>echo $X |perl -pe 's/([A-Z])\S*/$1\./g'                          
he is working in C. for P. S. H. will come tomorrow.

you could have a large list of ignore words maybe, like for, the, he, it, and

interesting, will I get paid?
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Old 12-10-2007
my @arraytest = ("Test", "for", "Capital", "letters");
my @resulttest = grep /[A-Z]/, @arraytest;
print "@resulttest\n"

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Old 12-10-2007
from the sentence i have to get Center for Perl Studies only.
Sequences like Center for Perl Studies
Jaganadh G
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