How to create SQRT function in catenate file

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Old 12-10-2007
Originally Posted by ahjiefreak
Where the 'constant' (h) gets assigned it's value?
The h is actually counting the number of folders from other variables.
No, it's not. h is doing nothing. You never assign it a value. awk will initialize it to zero for you. So that is the only value it ever has.

Originally Posted by ahjiefreak
Did I missed out any "$" in the below fragment of code?
Miss out?? You have too many!
$ awk -v h=64  'BEGIN { print sqrt(h); }' /dev/null
$ awk -v h=64  'BEGIN { print sqrt($h); }' /dev/null

In the code:
t= h*($3+$2);
s= sqrt($t)

t will be zero since you guaranteed that h is zero.
would have taken the square root of that zero and yielded zero, a legal operation.
is going to try the square root of $0, the whole record in awk.
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