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Old 12-06-2007
Bug awk and execute app

New to Ksh and Perl. Spent days googling and trying things before finding this site. Search this site for solution. What I want is to automate the typing of a command on a HPUX 11 server. The command is particular to Perforce and their excellent tech support suggested I do this in Perl.

Tried Perl but think I need to install a pm for Perforce which the sys admin of the server won't like. So then I tried ksh. I have a long list of branches (stored as a list of single words in a file called p4branch.txt) in Perforce to delete and I got a short test list to just print, but then I get nothing when I try it using the perforce (p4) command. No error. Just nothing.

The command (p4 branch -d -f branchname) works when I type it in a terminal window.
awk '{p4 branch -d -f $1}' p4branch.txt

Thanks for any insight!
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WWW::Search::Lycos - class for searching SYNOPSIS
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Please tell the author if you find any! AUTHOR
As of 1998-12-07, "WWW::Search::Lycos" is maintained by Martin Thurn ( "WWW::Search::Lycos" was originally written by Martin Thurn, based on "WWW::Search::Yahoo" version 1.12 of 1998-10-22. LEGALESE