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Old 11-19-2007
naming a file to hostname

I am running a script remotely to another client. after it runs it places the file in /tmp. I need the file in /tmp to be renamed to the local hostname. but when i set the variable it names the file to my local hostname. how do i fix that
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Old 11-19-2007
Could you provide your code so that we may assist you?
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Old 11-19-2007
While the script is running on the remote system, get the local hostname with "hostname", set variable like :
hostname_to_append = `hostname`
cp /tmp/file /tmp/file-$hostname_to_append
or replace cp with mv.
But you didn't specify OS and the script's language.
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Old 11-19-2007
ok i will provide everything in detail.
the file i have is called sys_diag that i downloaded from SUN that someone wrote.
I that file on my machine in /var/tmp
when you run this script it will generate a .html file so this is my script
list='01 02 03 04 05"
for x in $list ; do
echo $x
rcp test:/var/tmp/sys_diag test${x}:/tmp
rsh test${x} /tmp/sys_diag -o -u (-o and -u are switches for location)
once it runs it prompts for a location to store the file so i enter /tmp
(right here i need the rename of the .html file that is in tmp)
rsh test${x} mv /tmp/sysd_*/*.html
rsh test${x} rm -r /tmp/sysd_*
/opt/firefox/firefox /tmp/*.html

basically i copy the script from my box to the remote box run it on the remote system. Then i just bring over the *.html file to my local machine and launch it in a browser. I know it all looks complicated but the above is the only scripting i really know for now. what i will do is create and database of all system information and update it once a month for other sites to view if they have questions about the system since they usually do. this will all be in .html web based

Solaris 9
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Old 11-19-2007
Try this:
mv /tmp/filename.html /tmp/SomeImportantFile.test${x}.html
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