Using sed to delete string between delimiters

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Old 11-13-2007
Java Using sed to delete string between delimiters

Hi There!
I have the following string

which i need to convert to

i.e. between each occurence of the delimiter ('|' in this case), i need to delete all characters from the '|' to the ':' so that |10,9:12/xxx| becomes |12/xxx|

How can i do this using sed?

Thanks in advance!
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Old 11-13-2007
I'm rustic, I'm using "base algorithmic" to resolve problems.
So, you can adapt it to any language, I hope ! Smilie



while [ "$a" != "" ]
        b=$(echo $a | cut -s -d'|' -f1)
        c=$(echo $b | cut -s -d: -f2)

        if [ "$c" = "" ] ; then

        if [ "$z" != "" ] ; then

        a=$(echo $a | cut -s -d'|' -f2-)

echo a=$savea
echo z=$z

Output :

Hope it will help you ! Smilie
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Old 11-13-2007
> echo 'P1|10,9:12/123456789|,10:1|11,10:60|15,9:5/12345|,10:1|'|sed -e "s_|[^|]*:_|_g"

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Old 11-13-2007
Nice, but very difficult to understand for a newbie. SmilieSmilie

Originally Posted by Klashxx
> echo 'P1|10,9:12/123456789|,10:1|11,10:60|15,9:5/12345|,10:1|'|sed -e "s_|[^|]*:_|_g"

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Old 11-13-2007
sed -e "s_|[^|]*:_|_g"

s is used to match a regular expression (for simplicity, to match some part of the given text) and replace it with some other text. Here's what the manual says:
	      Attempt  to match regexp against the pattern space.  If success-
	      ful,  replace  that  portion  matched  with  replacement.    The
	      replacement may contain the special character & to refer to that
	      portion of the pattern space  which  matched,  and  the  special
	      escapes  \1  through  \9	to refer to the corresponding matching
	      sub-expressions in the regexp.

Underscores (_) are used here to define the regular expression that is used (usually front shash (/) is used)

|[^|]*: matches text starting with | and ending with colon (Smilie. This text is replaced by |

g tells sed to do match-and-replace globally. that is, keep repeating this at every possible place in the input text
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Old 11-13-2007
indeed quite difficult to understand!

could you explain what's happening there?

EDIT: didn't see yogesh had already replied...all makes sense now, thanks guys!!!
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Old 11-14-2007
Originally Posted by [CODE
|[^|]*: [/CODE] matches text starting with | and ending with colon :
One slight clarification, the point here is the use of the regex:

Lets see an example:
> echo 'P1|10,9:12/123456789|,10:1|11,10:60|15,9:5/12345|,10:1|'|sed -e "s_|.*:_|_g"

|.*: matchs any character (starting with | and ending with : ) and the result is not what we expect.
 echo 'P1|10,9:12/123456789|,10:1|11,10:60|15,9:5/12345|,10:1|'|sed -e "s_|*:_|_g"    

|*: nothing happens here because we are looking for any number (including zero) of the single character | that immediately precedes the asterisk.

So the trick to solve the problem is match any number of any character between | and : except | and that's what we are getting with |[^|]*:

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