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Old 02-09-2002
Data cgi

I am having trouble running my perl cgi on the Internet.

After i put the cgi file into the public_html directory and try to browse it on the internet, it returns me the exact content of the cgi file.

Is the file permission 755 for the cgi file correct?

My path to perl is something like
/.software/local/.admin/bins/bin/perl, is that resonable??

Is that a must for all the cgi files to have the extension .cgi and go under the directory of cgi-bin??

Would someone kindly help me out how to run a perl cgi properly on the internet?
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Old 02-09-2002
It is probably a setting on your webserver. Did you configure it to run cgi or setup any type of cgi-bin or similar directory?
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Old 02-09-2002
sounds like cgi execution is not enabled on that directory, cgi execution can be enabled to run .cgi and/or .pl...etc. scripts. verify with the admin that cgi execution is enabled on the directory where your scripts are
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