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Old 11-03-2007

(a) produce a small script which does demonstrate the problem and post that without alteration, within [ CODE ] blocks so we can see it formatted.

(b) post the whole 600 line script
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Old 11-04-2007
It may help to put the functions into external files:

* create separate file for every function, named like the function and with filemode 644

* put all these files into a directory

* at the beginning of your main script set the variable "FPATH=" to the directory holding the functions. FPATH works similar to PATH, but tells the shell where it can find external functions instead of external executables. Export the variable FPATH after defining it

The files have to contain the same function definitions as if they would be included in the main scripts file for example, this would go into a file $FPATH/foo:

# first line of file foo
function foo
     # ... inside function foo ....

return <int>

This may not necessarily help in your specific case, but it might help in narrowing down the problem and finally find it.

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