Read from fileList.txt, copy files from directory tree

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Old 10-30-2007
Read from fileList.txt, copy files from directory tree

Hi, hopefully this is a fairly simple Q&A.

I have a clean file list of approximately 180 filenames with no directory or slashes in front of the filename nor any extension or dot ".". I would like to read from this list, find these files recursively down through directory trees, copy the files and place the copies(with the original filenames intact) in an archive or copy directory that is user defined, perhaps through a user prompt at the beginning of the script.

Thanks! Smilie
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Old 10-30-2007
# $1 is the command line parameter = path to store the file
# the search for the files starts from the current working directory
# assume the filenamess in the list can occur more than once
while read file
     let i=1
     find . -name "$file" |
     while read sourcefile
           cp "$sourcefile" "$1"/"$file"_$i
           let i=$i+1
done < list_of_filenames

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