How to store query multiple result in shell script variable(Array)

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Old 10-30-2007
Question How to store query multiple result in shell script variable(Array)

Suppose,I have one table A. Table A have one column. Table A have 10 rows. I want this 10 rows store into shell script variable.




here in call oracle , through loop How can I store table A's 10 rows into v_shell_var (Shell Script Array).

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Old 10-31-2007
One way

let i=0
set -A arr 

echo "
SELECT fld1 
 from TABLEA;
" | sqlplus -s $USER/$PWD | \
while read line
     let i=$i+1

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Old 11-01-2007
Bug Thanks jim

Smilie You have given reply is very usefull. again thanks to you.

Just in Below code I have change array box with [] and add new code for print the array member.


let i=0
#set -A arr

echo "select param_value
from control_param
where pgm_name = 'EXS_PROCESS';
" | sqlplus -s ${ora_user}/${ora_passwd}@${ORACLE_SID} | \
while read line
if [[ $i -gt 2 ]]
let i=$i+1
echo "Array Variable is Filled Up"
echo " Total no. of member ${#arr[@]} "
echo "Print the Array member"
while [ $i -lt ${#arr[@]}-1 ]
print ${arr[$i]}
(( i=i+1 ))
echo "After Array Print"
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Old 11-01-2007
Question Would like to ask more thing. How Can I cond. check, pattern matchig and cp file

Here, Situation is I have arr[] array. suppse
arr[1]=SPCS contains
I want to if this pattern(arr[0] or arr[1]) match in ../Innovation dir's file then this file copy --> zip format --> into ../zipdir dir.
If pattern is not found then copy into ../archive dir area

I have tried below code...but not running. I feel , step 6/7 might be modified but how...please help me.

1. i=0
2. for j in `ls ../Innovation`
3. do
4. while [ $i -lt ${#arr[@]}-1 ]
5. do
6. # awk /${arr[$i]}/ { `cp $j ../archive`; } $j
7. source_dir=$($j | head -1 | grep -i ${arr[$i]} | cp ../Innovation/$j ../archive)
8. done
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Old 11-06-2007
Processing Command line Parameteres in to array

I need to get files names passed to a script. Here number of files passed may vary
like MyScript.ksh file1 file2 file3..... so on

I am writting script somthing like this

set -A Files

while (i<=$#)
let i=i+1

Is this correct way doing this. Is there any other way.
Please let me know

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