Extract Part of string from 3rd field $3 using AWK

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Old 10-10-2007
Extract Part of string from 3rd field $3 using AWK

I'm executing "wc -lc" command in a c shell script to get record count and byte counts and writing them to a file. I get the result with the full pathname of the file. But I do not want the path name to be printed in the output file. I heard that using Awk we can get this but I don't have any knowledge on Awk. Could someone please help me.

Here is what I have in my script


echo " Records Bytes Filename" >! ${DATDIR}/hlp_NONCE_counts.rtf
wc -lc ${DATDIR}/wm_adj_mtg_actvy.dat >> ${DATDIR}/hlp_NONCE_counts.rtf

Output of the above 2 commands in the "hlp_NONCE_counts.rtf" file:

Records Bytes Filename
2040314 71024727 /export/appl/wodevl/mf/dat/wm_adj_mtg_actvy.dat

I do not want this path '/export/appl/wodevl/mf/dat/' to be printed. Instead I just need only the file name like below.
Records Bytes Filename
2040314 71024727 wm_adj_mtg_actvy.dat

Could someone please help ..

Thanks in adv,
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Old 10-10-2007
See this code snippet. That should be a start.
[/tmp]$ cat try.ksh
#! /bin/ksh

set -- $(wc -lc /etc/passwd)

echo $1 $2 $3
echo $1 $2 ${3##*/}
[/tmp]$ ./try.ksh
57 2711 /etc/passwd
57 2711 passwd

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Old 10-10-2007
wc -lc ${DATDIR}/wm_adj_mtg_actvy.dat | nawk '{ n=split($3,path,"/"); print $1" "$2" "path[n] }' >>${DATDIR}/hlp_NONCE_counts.rtf

Hope this helps
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Old 10-10-2007
Thanks for the snippet. But the code doesn't work since I'm using C Shell..
This command doesn't work in c shell
"set -- $(wc -lc /etc/passwd)"

I tried like below (which isn't efficient since I don't know awk)but the last echo statement isn't working. It gives error as permission denied though the file has read permission:

set a=`wc -lc /export/appl/wodevl/mf/dat/wm_adj_mtg_actvy.dat`
set xx=`echo $a | awk '{print $1,$2}'`
set yy=`echo $a | awk '{print $3}'`
set zz=`echo $yy | awk 'BEGIN {FS="/"} {print $7}'`
echo $xx | $zz >! out.rtf

Can you or anyone suggest me a simple way to do this.
Error Message:
wodevl@dwarehouse-udb01lp1:/appl/wodevl 75 % echo $xx | $zz >! out.rtf
/export/apps/sched/local/sbin/wm_adj_mtg_actvy.dat: Permission denied.

wodevl@dwarehouse-udb01lp1:/appl/wodevl 81 % pwd
-rw-r----- 1 wodevl wodevl 71024727 Oct 8 11:38 wm_adj_mtg_actvy.dat
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Old 10-10-2007
THANKS A LOT....Smilie
Excellent piece of code...I was just looking something like that kind of 1 line code...Since I do not know awk, I was just playing by creating variables and concatenate them which is NOT a perfect way..Your code is simple and works..

Thanks again,
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