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Problem with script not able to take parameters passed to it

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Problem with script not able to take parameters passed to it
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Old 10-09-2007
No problem. Smilie
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Hi All, I have a script which intends to create as many variables at runtime, as the number of parameters passed to it. The script needs to save these parameter values in the variables created and print them abc.sh ---------- export Numbr_Parms=$# export a=1 while do export... (3 Replies)
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How to check that passed parameters all have the same extension?

$ ls monkey.txt banana.csv tree.txt $ myscript monkey.txt tree.txt All extensions ARE alike. $ myscript *txt All extensions ARE alike. $ myscript monkey.txt banana.csv All extensions are NOT alike. $ myscript * All extensions are NOT alike. My brain has given up; what's the simplest... (11 Replies)
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Hi, I am trying to do this thing useing my shell bash ( sorry for my english ) I have in a file 63 hostnames, i wanna ask to the DHCP admin, to reserv that reserves 63 IP addresses of this hosts, using their mac address. I have thinked this script: for ((i=1;i<63;i++)); do arp $(head... (10 Replies)
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Problem with script not able to take parameters passed to it

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Extracting passed in parameters

we want to produce a script that we can pass parameters of -a for email address and -s for subject then the report filename, so an exmaple would be; email_report -a sendto@domain.com -s This is a test reportname.txt The problem we have is the subject can have more than one word, so I can't just... (2 Replies)
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Assigning a Variable all the Parameters passed

Hi, I have a unix script which can accept n number of parameters . I can get the parameter count using the following command and assign it to a variable file_count=$# Is there a similar command through which i can assign a variable all the values that i have passed as a parameter ... (2 Replies)
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