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how to sort the file in specified folder

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting how to sort the file in specified folder
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Old 10-07-2007
how to sort the file in specified folder

im having soo many .top files and i have to sort a set of files in one folder like tat so many sets of folders have to be created ... like say i have the file name j1 , g2 ,s3,k4,h1,j2,k3,s4..And i have to create one folder in tat i to have copy the files j1, g2 ,s3,k4 in one folder and again same another set in another folder , like tat im having some 500 files ,which has 1,2,3,4,etc

and i put it into an array ,so all the files are in the array ....

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refile(1mh)															       refile(1mh)

       refile - file message in other folders

       refile [ msgs ] [ +folder ] [ options ]

       Use  the  command to move the specified message from the current folder to another folder.  You can refile messages in more than one folder
       by giving multiple folder names as arguments.

       If you do not specify a message, the current message is refiled.  You can refile a message other than the current  message  by  giving  its
       number  as  a msgs argument.  You can also refile more than one message at a time by specifying more than one message number, or a range of
       message numbers, or a message sequence.	See for more information on sequences.

       The current folder remains the same unless the -src option is specified; in that case, the source folder becomes  current.   Normally,  the
       last message specified becomes the current message.  However, if the -link option is used, the current message is not changed.

       If  the	Previous-Sequence:  entry is set in the file, in addition to defining the named sequences from the source folder, will also define
       those sequences for the destination folders.  See for information concerning the previous sequence.

       -draft	 Refiles the draft message, or the current message in your folder, if you have one set up.  You cannot give a msgs  argument  when
		 you use this option.

       -file filename
		 Moves	a  file into a folder.	This option takes a file from its directory and places it in the named folder, as the next message
		 in the folder.  The file must be formatted as a legal mail message.  This means that the message must	have  the  minimum  header
		 fields separated from the body of the message by a blank line or a line of dashes.

       -help	 Prints a list of the valid options to this command.

       -nolink	 Keeps	a copy of the message in the source folder.  Normally, removes the messages from the original folder when it refiles them.
		 The -link option keeps a copy in the original folder, as well as filing a copy in the new folder.

		 Preserves the number of a message in the new folder.  Normally, when a message is refiled in to another folder, it is set to  the
		 next  available number in that folder.  The -preserve option keeps the number of the message the same in the new folder as it had
		 been in the old.

		 You cannot have two messages with the same number in one folder, so you should use this option with care.

       -src +folder
		 Specifies the source folder to take messages from.  Normally, messages are refiled from the current folder into  another  folder.
		 However, you can take messages from a different folder by using the -src +folder option to specify the alternative source folder.

       The following example refiles messages 3 and 5 in the folder
       % refile 3 5 +records

       The next example files the current message into two folders:
       % refile +jones +map

       The next example takes message 13 in the current folder and refiles it in the folder.  The message remains in the current folder as well as
       appearing in the folder.
       % refile -link 13 +test

       The next example takes a message from the folder when it is not the current folder, and places it in the folder
       % refile 3 -src +test +outbox

Profile Components
       Path:		 To determine your Mail directory

       Folder-Protect:	 To set protections when creating a new folder
       rmmproc: 	 Program to delete the message

       The user profile.

See Also
       folder(1mh), mark(1mh), mh_profile(5mh)


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