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Old 10-04-2007
Find files including subdirectory and Delete

Hello Experts,

I m newbie. Could u pls help me to write script on Sun solaris-

I have backup directory "/var/opt/backup/" where files are backed up in different directory "backup1" "backup2" "backup3".

I want to write a shell script which i will put in crontab and daily midnight it will search files which is older than 90 days in differnt direcotry of /var/opt/backup/ and eventually delete files.

Files are i use exec flag might will not work..might be say long argument. so should i use delete flag?

So, please provide the script(#!/usr/bin/sh) how i do it??

Best wishes to all--

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Old 10-04-2007
If it's just files you're after removing
find /var/opt/backup -type f -mtime +90 | xargs rm

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