Converting \0 to a \n

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Converting \0 to a \n

Hi - I have seen some similar posts but I am a bit stumped here

below is the first line of a 'od -c filename' command. I want to change the \0 to \n

0000000 l s \0 c d - \0 c d . . \0 l s

I have tried a sed construct in a script.........

sed 's|\\0|\\n|g' filename - with no success.

If I type this at the command line the cursor shoots off to the left margin of the screen as soon as I type the second '|'

Any help most appreciated - I am sure this should not be this difficult!!
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Check your man page for tr.

Mine says -

SunOS 5.10 Last change: 13 Aug 2003 7

User Commands tr(1)

Unlike some previous versions, /usr/xpg4/bin/tr correctly
processes NUL characters in its input stream. NUL characters
can be stripped by using tr -d '\000'.

so try tr -d < (infilename) > (outfilename)
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Red Herring


please disregard the comment about the cursor heading off to the left margin - my terminal emulator is playing up.

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