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# 8  
Ghost Thanks for your quick response !!
Now I am using that date with in my script
echo -n "Enter Time schedule in the following format [HH:MM],[HH:MM],..:"
read Ext_Sch
date -d $Ext_Sch
count=`echo $?`
if [ $count -eq 0 ]
echo Valid
echo Wrong
[Sanjaytmp]$ sh
Enter Time schedule in the following format [HH:MM],[HH:MM],..:28:33
date: invalid date `28:33'
[Sanjaytmp]$Enter Time schedule in the following format [HH:MM],[HH:MM],..:23:45
Thu Sep 27 23:45:00 IST 2007

Here I am getting the message in my output(show in bold letter) as well that I dun want.
Could you help me how I will ignore it.

# 9  
Perhaps something like this.

[/tmp]$ cat try.ksh
#! /bin/ksh


echo $str | tr ',' '\n' | while IFS=: read hour min
    if [[ $hour = *[:alpha:]* ]] ; then
        echo "$hour:$min is invalid"
    elif [[ $hour -lt 0 || $hour -gt 23 || $min -lt 0 || $min -gt 60 ]] ; then
        echo "$hour:$min is wrong"
        echo $hour:$min
[/tmp]$ ./try.ksh
a:23 is invalid
25:67 is wrong

# 10  
Originally Posted by SanjayLinux
Could you help me how I will ignore it.
# date -d "18:99" > /dev/null 2>&1
# echo $?

# 11  
Bingo !!!! Smilie

Ghost It wokring for me perfect ...
Thanks a lot !!

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