how to trap unix signal if the process killed/interupt occured in bash...

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trap is part of bash.

I would be *very* surprised if you don't have it.
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any idea and suggest.....Smilie
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Originally Posted by manas_ranjan
any idea and suggest.....Smilie
I used exactly what you posted with "#!/bin/bash" at the top and "sleep 10000" at the bottom, and it worked.

So something else that you are doing is stopping it.
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Originally Posted by manas_ranjan

i found the problem, the thing is TRAP is not yet my box...

how to know which version of
bash i am working ????[/B][/B]

Kindly assist ....

Post the results from:
command -V trap
# 12  
hey, Perderabo

please find the o/p of
command -V trap as trap is a shell builtin
and echo $BASH_VERSION as 3.00.15(1)-release
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Originally Posted by porter
I used exactly what you posted with "#!/bin/bash" at the top and "sleep 10000" at the bottom, and it worked.

So something else that you are doing is stopping it.

the same thing i did, only difference is i have not given #!/bin/bash.....
and for stopping/break i used to press CTRL-C,Z as stated earlier..but it is not showing any echo..

let me try with #!/bin/bash...
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let me put my script ,

function get_connection
v_cnt=`sqlplus -s <username>/<pwd>@<hostname> << ENDSQL | sed -e "s/Connected\.//" -e "/^$/d"
set pagesize 0 feedback off verify off heading off echo off serveroutput on size 10000
whenever sqlerror exit 1
exit ;

function trap_cmd {
echo "It's wrong way to stop the process."
exit 2

echo " Runnnig process id is : $$"
select_outbox="SELECT outbox_retn FROM CBF_CONFIG WHERE CS_ID='"$1"';"

get_connection "$select_outbox"

echo $v_cnt

sleep 600

trap 'trap_cmd' 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 12 13 14 15 20

Runnnig process id is : 22345
in between this if i am pressing CTRL-C,Z, nothing is echoing.....
am i doing any wrong way to trace ?????Smilie
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