Help in SED and CUT.

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Help in SED and CUT.

I have a file.
In Each and every line, i want to cut the position from 130 to 134 and
need to check if it is XXXX then
i need to replace with YYYY (Only from 130 to 134).

Your help is very much appriciated.
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What do you mean by 'position'? Is it the characters from 130 to 134 in one line, or is it lines from 130 to 134?
# 3  
In each and every line , i want to take characters from 130 to 144.
(cut -c 130-140 <filename> )
# 4  
130 to 134 make if 5 char's

for 131 to 134....

cat Inp_file|sed 's/^\(.\{130\}\)\(XXXX\)\(.*$\)/\1YYYY\3/g'
# 5  
Thanks..Its working now.
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