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Hi ghostdog & everyone,

Have been trying variations of:

sed '/^user/ c /user **** ****/ ' ${BATCHFILE} > ${BATCHFILE}.tmp

sed '/^user/ c \"user **** ****\" ' ${BATCHFILE} > ${BATCHFILE}.tmp

With as yet no success. Returns the following:

sed: Function /^user/ c /user **** ****/ cannot be parsed.

Sorry, but how do you guys do it ?? Smilie

Last edited by Cameron; 10-01-2007 at 02:52 AM.. Reason: my bad - typo.
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sed -e "s/^user.*/user **** ****/g" input.txt > input.txt.masked
mv input.txt.masked input.txt

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Many thanks for the ultra quick reply & your assist. Smilie
I take it that the period [.] in '.*' has special significance ?

I didn't realise that I could perform a substitute like that.

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Originally Posted by Cameron
I take it that the period [.] in '.*' has special significance ?
In the sed world, you can consider . as a placeholder for any character. And a .* would stand for any combination of characters.
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Many thanks again Vino for the quick reply and the small lesson in 'sed' Smilie

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