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Old 09-07-2007
Nested Symlinks?

Please don't laugh or call me a fool...

I'm trying to set up a script that will go through my Music File directory and generate a set of symbolic links in a directory called "What's New". Within that directory there will be a "30 Days", "3 Months", "6 Months" and "A Year" directories. Within each of those my script should create symlinks based on the mtime of the directories that the 'find' command returns. The general reason for me doing this is that I've been downloading stuff from and sometimes I find myself forgetting what I downloaded. Having a directory with "fuzzy" time references would go a long way to helping me remember. So I wrote the script below which almost does what I need. But it has one HUGE glaring error. For some reason, the 'ln' command creates a self referencing symlink within the trailing directory for each directory that matches my mtime arg. So once it's done, I have what I want in the "What's New" directory. But for every directory that 'find' returns I have a symlink in the last directory in the path that points to itself. I'm sure there's something stupid I'm missing in my logic with the 'ln' command. Just to make sure I'm clear, let's say my script finds a directory less than 31 days old:

/mnt/data/mp3/The Rolling Stones/Sticky Fingers

I get the symlink I want in:

/mnt/data/mp3/What's New/30 Days/The Rolling Stones/Sticky Fingers

pointing to:

/mnt/data/mp3/The Rolling Stones/Sticky Fingers

And I also get a new, unwanted symlink in:

/mnt/data/mp3/The Rolling Stones/Sticky Fingers/Sticky Fingers

pointing to:

/mnt/data/mp3/The Rolling Stones/Sticky Fingers

Obviously this is not what I want. So either I'm looping in the wrong way, or I'm making an incorrect assumption about the 'ln' command. I have to admit this is a pretty sloppy script, but I haven't had enough free time to really sit down and really set it up with internal functions. Smilie Here's my script:


# Define any needed variables first: 'find' variables: 31, 91, 181, 366, search path, "What's New" path



MONTH[2]="1 Month"
QUARTER[2]="3 Months"
HALFYEAR[2]="6 Months"
YEAR[2]="A Year"

# Create the "What's New" directory if it doesn't exist and set proper owner:group and permissions

if test ! -e "$WHATSNEW"
  mkdir "$WHATSNEW"

# First we scan the directory /mnt/data/mp3 for files that are newer than 30 days and dump that to a temp file.  (Maybe do 30, 90, 180, 365 days?)

for a in ${MONTH[1]} ${QUARTER[1]} ${HALFYEAR[1]} ${YEAR[1]}
  find $MUSICPATH -type d -mtime -$a > /tmp/$a.out

# Next we prep the "What's New" folder in /mnt/data/mp3.  It should be set up to contain "30 Days" "3 Months" "6 Months" "1 Year"

for a in "${MONTH[2]}" "${QUARTER[2]}" "${HALFYEAR[2]}" "${YEAR[2]}"
  rm -rf "$WHATSNEW/$a"
  mkdir "$WHATSNEW/$a"

# Then we loop through the temp file and create symlinks for the newer folders and files


  if test "$a" = "MONTH"

  if test "$a" = "QUARTER"

  if test "$a" = "HALFYEAR"

  if test "$a" = "YEAR"

  while read report
    # The ${report:14} is to strip off the unwanted /mnt/data/mp3/ prefix
    echo ln -s "$report" "$WHATSNEW/$ENDPATH/${report:14}"
  done < /tmp/"$REPORT".out



# This job is run daily

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