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Old 09-04-2007
Installing Explorer package Remotely

I am by no means a scripting person, i understand the basics of Bash and some other shells. but i am still learning a great deal mostly from this site.

This is what i am basically trying to do. We have over 1000 sun Blade 1500 clients and 200+ V440, v210, V240 servers. I want the local sysadmin to run this script that will copy the explorer package from my server install it on the local client, then run it and upload the output to my local server when there is a problem so i do not have to remote in there to do this when I'm busy. I am the main sysadmin for all the clients and servers that i listed. All the other sites administrators do not root access nor can i give them to it. I tried creating a if then statement but i do not think it is working since i need to run pkgadd -d as root. Si the method of deploying this by IF and Then statements too hard? I do not have any remote software installed nor do i have pkginstall on the clients and servers and i am not that great with other shells and scripting languages. Also the kicker is i can not install or modify any of the clients or servers except for installing the explorer package that i have permission to install. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
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