Urgent !!! Shell script to copy files to VSS

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Old 08-20-2007
Urgent !!! Shell script to copy files to VSS

Hi all !!!
I need this sample script urgently. Please help.
Suppose I do an "ls -ltr" in a directory and store the output in a text file (say "a.txt").
What I need to do is to write a shell script which reads file-names from "a.txt" and copies only those files to VSS. Let's say the destination directory is VSS_PATH. Please help me.

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Old 08-20-2007
try follow

1> follow will find out all the name of files
ls -l | awk '/^-/ {print $9}'

2>follow will cope to directory
ls -l | nawk -v p="$VSS_PATH/" '/^-/{system("cp "$9" p)}'

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