multiply variable

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multiply variable

I need to multiply the value of a variable and then store it in another variable. I have EXPHOURINSEC=$(($EXPDATEHOUR * 3600)) but i get an error saying the * is unexpected.

Im using ksh
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It should be


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Try :
without blanks
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thanks. its always the little things!
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Originally Posted by fwabbly
thanks. its always the little things!

What little thing solved it for you? Your original line and all of the alternatives posted should work in ksh.

You would not have got the error message you gave with the line you posted if it was run in a POSIX shell (ksh, bash, etc.)

One alternative posted, EXPHOURINSEC=$((EXPDATEHOUR * 3600)), while a valid POSIX command, would not have worked in /bin/sh on a *BSD system.

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