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multidimensional arrays

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Old 07-13-2007
Question multidimensional arrays

I have a file that's logically in the form of a multidimensional array with an unknown number of records in the file. The file looks like this:


How do I load this file into an array for processing, while keeping the two relevant lines of data (i.e., name1, data1) together?

I am working in korn shell, no perl available.

Many thanks in advance!
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Old 07-13-2007
I do not know the reasons why you want to use two dimensional array,
but here is how you can access both variables:
while read mStr1
  read mStr2
  echo 'Str1 = '${mStr1}' Str2 = '${mStr2}
done < input_file

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Old 07-13-2007
Is awk available?

$ cat infile
$ print ${.sh.version}
Version M-12/28/93d
$ awk '{x[$1]=$2}END{for(i in x)print "index:",i,"element:",x[i]}' <(paste -d" " - -<infile)
index: name1 element: data1
index: name2 element: data2
index: name3 element: data3

For ksh88 use paste -d" " - -<infile|awk ...

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