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Old 07-10-2007



xyz zxc

xya xdf


a1 a2

b1 b2

cat a1.txt >> a2.txt -->its appending at the end

xyz zxc

xya xdf

a1 a2

b1 b2

I need to add at the beging of the file a2.txt.Is there any command
to do it?

Thanks inadvance
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Old 07-10-2007
not directly,

cat a1.txt a2.txt > a3.txt
# 3  
Old 07-10-2007

Try the following

cat a2.txt >> a1.txt

# 4  
Old 07-10-2007
You can also play with the ed command :
echo "0r a1.txt\nw\nq" | ed -s a2.txt

# 5  
Old 07-10-2007
Thanks,its working .Can you expain this

echo "0r a1.txt\nw\nq" | ed -s a2.txt

Thanks inadvance
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Old 07-11-2007
ed -s a2.txt
Edit (by line) file a2.txt, -s suppresses character counts that the editor displays.
Commands are read from stdin (output of echo command)
echo "0r a1.txt\nw\nq"
Gives commands to ed
0r a1.txt Insert file a1.txt before first line of file.
w Write file (a2.txt)
q Quit editor

# 7  
Old 07-11-2007

Thanks for your explinations

Thanks and Regards,

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