Javascript Replace Globally

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Javascript Replace Globally

I have a bit of javascript

function hasSpaces(name)
if(^\s*/) != -1){
name.replace((/^\s*/, "~"))
return name;

The name comes in like john smith and i have to turn it to john~smith, the alerts are just for testing. Sorry if this is the wrong forum but i need help and am terrible at javascript. It also has to replace all spaces in the name in case the name is john adams smith to john~adams~smith


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We know about unix -- Java in not in the plate.
If you are lucky, you will find somebody here with Java experience.
Good luck!
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Originally Posted by Shell_Life
If you are lucky, you will find somebody here with Java experience.
Javascript is not Java.

The following example shows how to perform a global replace of whitespace character to "~".

var spx = /\s/g;
alert("adam smith king".replace(spx, "~"));

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