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regexp to print after a field seperator

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Old 05-08-2007
regexp to print after a field seperator

How do i Print anything after a ':'

Ex :
file1: 1235131(rs32553)

I want to print out "1235131(rs32553)"
how do i do it. I know we can do this using awk but looking for the right syntax.

Any help appreciated.

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Old 05-08-2007
echo 'file1: 1235131(rs32553)' | sed 's/.*:\(.*\)/\1/'

# 3  
Old 05-08-2007
echo "file1: 1235131(rs32553)" | sed 's/^.*://'

sed works, too.
# 4  
Old 05-08-2007
Another way with cut :
echo "file1: 1235131(rs32553)" | cut -d: -f2-

# 5  
Old 05-09-2007
echo "file1: 1235131(rs32553)" | awk ' sub("[^:]*:","") '

# 6  
Old 05-09-2007
echo "file1: 1235131(rs32553)" |awk -F: '{print $2}'

# 7  
Old 05-09-2007
$ echo "file1: 1235131(rs32553)"|{ read; echo "${REPLY#*: }";}

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