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system status report script

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Old Unix and Linux 04-09-2007
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Error need help about system status report script!!!

i m new to this forum as well as UNIX. I've got an assignment but i don't know how can I start it.
can anyone please help to tell me how can I start it?
I added here few lines from my assignment.

In industry, it is common for a single organisation to provide technical support for a substantial number of UNIX systems distributed across a large geographical area and a number of different companies. This type of support has many complications, one problem is that the company offering support may not have current information on how the UNIX based computers are being used and how they are configured.

A common approach to this problem is for each UNIX machine to contain a shell script that when executed produces a report (a text file) on the current configuration and usage of the machine. This report can then be sent to the organisation responsible for technical support.

In this assignment you are required to write such a script, suitable for use on a Linux (Fedora 5) machine.

When the “system status report” script is invoked the user should be presented with a menu. This will provide a list of options allowing the user to decide what the report should contain. The resultant text file report can be e-mailed or faxed to the technical support team.

I can't understand how can I email or fax this report to technical suppot team and also how can I produce a text report?

please I need all of ur help and I m requesting all of u to help me.

Thank you all


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