Wrong date function

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Wrong date function


I am getting some very strange output when using date function in PERL on Solaris.

Infact the month portion is wrong and it is 1 less then the current, means today it is responding as

month =3 , andthis should be 4 ------> April

Any help

my code is
($day, $month, $year) = (localtime)[3,4,5];

print $day;
print $month;
print $year;

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Infact the month portion is wrong and it is 1 less then the current, means today it is responding as 

month =3 , andthis should be 4 ------> April

Month starts from zero and this is not an error.
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from the Perl manuals:
$mday is the day of the month, and $mon is the month itself, in the range 0..11 with 0 indicating January and 11 indicating December.
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THx for Help.
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