[Urgent]how to print the file names into a txt file???

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting [Urgent]how to print the file names into a txt file???
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[Urgent]how to print the file names into a txt file???


I have a folder with some 120 files...i just want to print all the file filenames(not the content or anything else) onto a file say .txt.

please help me with this command

Thanks a lot.
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cd directory; find . -type f > file.txt

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ls -1 > file.txt

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Originally Posted by kumarsaravana_s
I have a folder with some 120 files...i just want to print all the file filenames(not the content or anything else) onto a file say .txt.
printf "%s\n" * > txt

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echo * > file

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find <directory> -type f -maxdepth 1 -print >temp_file
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Originally Posted by anbu23
echo * > file


good to know above command

can we know what it does(logic)...pls
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