Search term and output term in desired field

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Search term and output term in desired field

Hi All,

I have an input_file below and i would like to use Perl to search for the term "aaa" and output the 3rd term in the same row as "aaa".For Example, i want to search for the term "ddd" and would want the code to ouput the 3rd term in the same row which is "fff". Can somebody help ?

aaa bbb ccc
ddd eee fff
hhhh pppp kkk jjjj
vvvv mm sss zzz

# 2  
This one!

#! /opt/third-party/bin/perl


open(FILE, "< file") || die "Unable to open file <$!>\n";

while(<FILE>) {
  @split_arr = split(/ /, $_);
  if( $split_arr[0] =~ m/ddd/ ) {
    print "$split_arr[2]";

exit 0

# 3  
using awk

this command would work try this
sed -n '\ddd\p' filename | awk '{print $3}'
you can do the same without sed and only awk

Best Regards,
Rakesh UV
# 4  
since OP had asked for the reply in perl, i gave it that way

anyway here is with awk
awk '/^pattern/ { print $3 }' file

# 5  
sed -n "/ddd/s/\([^ ]*\) \([^ ]*\) \([^ ]*\).*/\3/p" file

# 6  
perl -lane 'if (/ddd/) { print $F[2] } ' file

# 7  
Originally Posted by anbu23
perl -lane 'if (/ddd/) { print $F[2] } ' file

Hi Anbu,

Your perl script works. But how can i make it in a form where i can place it in the format below (known as below where i can just type perl, the ouput will be out.


#contains some other codes as well

perl -lane 'if (/ddd/) { print $F[2] } ' file

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