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Old 02-23-2007
cut specific records from a file

I am trying to cut the first 10 characters from a file only if the file has 'xyz' in field 185-188.

I tried this

cat filename | cut -c1-10

but this gives me all the records regardless of what is in field 185-188.
Is this doable ?

Thanks in advance for responses.

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Old 02-23-2007
sed -n "/.\{184\}xyz/s/\(.\{10\}\).*/\1/p" file

If x in xyz is 186th character, then change 184 in above code to 185
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Old 02-23-2007
try this:
awk '{

if ( $185 ~ /xyz/ || $186 ~ /xyz/ || $187 ~ /xyz/ || $188 ~ /xyz/)
string=substr( $0, 1, 10 )
print string
}' filename

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