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Old 02-16-2007
basic cat replace string

trying to exclude hostnames ending in "s" from a host file:

# cat hosts
# for x in `cat hosts`; do echo "${x/*s}" ;done


How can I echo/or not echo only 'ssefsfs' ??

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Old 02-16-2007
 sed -n "/s$/! s/s.*s//p" file

To print lines ending with s
sed -n "/s$/p" file

To print lines without s at end
sed -n "/s$/! p" file

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Old 02-16-2007
Originally Posted by anbu23
 sed -n "/s$/! s/s.*s//p" file

To print lines ending with s
sed -n "/s$/p" file

To print lines without s at end
sed -n "/s$/! p" file

thanks, exactly what i need
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Old 02-19-2007
with awk,

awk '{ if( substr($0, length, 1) !~ /s/ ) { print } }'  filename

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Old 02-19-2007
Erm.... grep Smilie

 grep '[^s]$' hosts

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