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How do I prevent cron from returning errors on a file not found?

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting How do I prevent cron from returning errors on a file not found?
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How do I prevent cron from returning errors on a file not found?

find: /home/Upload/*: No such file or directory

I am getting a find error when I run

for FILE in `find /home/Upload/* -prune -type f -newer TIMEFILE`

I need to run this job every 10 minutes to upload any new files that were added. Is there an easy way to prevent this?

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How can I verify if the file is open?

I am now running into the issue of a how can I verify that a file has finished downloading via ftp before I run an awk script against it?

How does awk handle this?

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Dev Null

> /dev/null 2>&1

I can suppress all errors but I might miss a legitimate error.
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2> /tmp/file
var=$(wc -l /tmp/file)
if [ $var -gt 0 ]; then cat /tmp/file | mail -s "copy job error" your@e.mail; rm /tmp/file; fi

or generate an error log with timestamps
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Thanks funsen,

I am confused as to how it fits together.

I can see running the cron job and writing standard error to a temp file on the cron job.

2> /tmp/file

What I don't understand when not to fire the awk script if there is an error.

var=$(wc -l /tmp/file)
if [ $var -gt 0 ] then cat /tmp/file | mail -s "copy job error" your@e.mail; rm
/tmp/file; fi

Thanks again for replying
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if /tmp/file is not empty, which means an error occured, you get a mail, if not you get nothing - this can cause problems, because you don't know if the script didn't run at all

the wc -l is not needed, just wc works too, or you can just check if the file exists with "if [ -f /tmp/file ]; then ....
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