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Possible to call external script?

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Possible to call external script?
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Old 11-17-2006
Possible to call external script?


Is it possible to have a bash script call an external bash script? For instance, I have a series of monitor scripts that check for running services (such as httpd, postmaster). Each monitor script is individual to the service. If a service fails, I would like to have a larger script that goes through a process, cleanly shutting down related services, logging out users and unmounting a RAID.

Is it possible to have this larger script called from within the smaller monitor scripts?


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Old 11-17-2006
As long as the external scripts do not end with exit.

script 1
echo " hi there"

script 2
echo "going into"
echo " back from" calls when is done resumes. Is that what you mean?
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Old 11-17-2006
Hi Jim

Thanks for the reply.

Yeah that is what I mean, but I wasn't sure if that was the "correct" way of doing it (I thought there might be some import call or something).

Will give it a whirl.

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Old 11-20-2006
As an update, I had to use exec to get this to work, and provided the full path to the script. I am using BASH:

# Call the external service shutdown script
 exec "/Library/IPFailover/scripts/"
 exit 0


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