accessing variables declared in another perl script

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Old 11-09-2006
accessing variables declared in another perl script

Hi all,

I have a perl script which declares two variables and calls another perl script which accesses those variables. But I am unable to access the variables in the called script. My script is as follows:

my $ENV{a}="20";

and my contains:

print "$ENV{a}\n";

My problem is that a variable declaration script reads the values from a config file and then I calll that variable declaration script from my main script which access the variables. I am declaring all the variables as Environment variables.

Please help me.


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Old 11-09-2006
It works for me. Try remove the "my".
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Old 11-09-2006

I have a variables script which reads a config file and assigns it to environment variables.

I have main script which uses those environment variables. Here inmain script when i call the variables script, its unable to read the variables:


variable script:


then in my main script i call


print "$ENV{a}\n;

I am unable to access those values.

Please help
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Old 11-09-2006
As I said, I used exactly the same case you provided but I got the result you asked for. I'm not sure what your problem is exactly.

[bernardchan@bernardchan shm]$ cat
[bernardchan@bernardchan shm]$ cat
print "$ENV{a}\n";
[bernardchan@bernardchan shm]$ perl -w

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