script needs to divide by 2

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Old 09-26-2006
script needs to divide by 2

i need to divide this count by 2, what variable can i use in my script?

26 hcscprod_cpus_totals /2 = 13
13 hcncprod_cpus_totals /2= 6.5
541 ktazp_cpus_totals /2= 270.5
346 ktazd_cpus_totals /2=173
110 ktazi_cpus_totals /2=55
10 ktazq_cpus_totals /2=5
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Old 09-26-2006
echo $((X/2))

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Old 09-26-2006
I always use bc for stuff like this:
# X=31
# echo $((X/2))
# echo "scale=1;${X}/2" | bc

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