trimming white spaces

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trimming white spaces

I have a variable that calls in a string from txt file. Problem is the string comes with an abundance of white spaces trailing it. Is there any easy way to trim the tailing white spaces off at the end? Thanks in advance.
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a='foo  '
echo "Before->[${a}]"
a="${a%% *}"
echo "After->[${a}]"

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Thanks for quick response! When I do this I get a bad substitution error... do I need to put the % or the *? What is their function?
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alternatively in Python

for lines in open("txtfile.txt"):
     lines = lines.strip() 
     print lines

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Originally Posted by briskbaby
Thanks for quick response! When I do this I get a bad substitution error... do I need to put the % or the *? What is their function?
make sure you're in 'ksh' - '#!/bin/ksh'
a='fooo   '
echo "Before->[${a}]"
a=`echo "${a}" | sed 's/ *$//'`
echo "After->[${a}]"

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Thanks! I understand now.. but i run into a problem, let's say my variable stores the following:

a='I like foo '

I would need something where the white space after foo disappears - is this doable?
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Nevermind! It works! Thanks guys. You rock!
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