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Check if file compressed or not

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Check if file compressed or not

Is there a way I can check if a file is comppressed or not? (Be it tar/gzip or compress). trying to write a generic housekeeping scrit that will delete files over 6 months old and compress any uncompressed files if less than 6 months old. But not sure if there is a clever way to check except for parsing filename to see if it has .tar/.gz or .Z.
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use file command
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Could you elaborate please?
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for f in *
     file $f

It will display what type of files you have in the current directory
and then do grep to check whether if you have compressed file
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compress ALL non compressed files in a directory

I have now finished my script that will compress all uncompressed files in a directory, thought I'd post it to help anyone else out.


#first cd to dir 

#then run file command to see what files are

for f in ${DIR}/*
     file $f >> $TEST_FILE

#Now file TEST_FILE has many things in we need to exclude , such as the compressed files and scripts

cat $TEST_FILE|grep -v compressed|grep -v .sh  > $FILE

#now we have only the non compressed files

#remove colon and whitespace and add a gzip (or compression of choice) to the beginning of the output
cat $FILE | awk '{print $1}' | sed -e 's/[ \t]*$//' -e 's/\://g' -e 's/^/gzip /' >$TMP

#Execute output which will compress all the files
# for testing cat $FILE

Hope that helps someone else too.

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